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The Night Time Show Podcast- making you look cooler than you really are

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The Night Time Show Podcast- making you look cooler than you really are

The Night Time Show Podcast is a talk show where Comedians Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker, Mike Black, Mike Glazer, and Robbie Carlysle interview influential people, comedy gurus and blatant liars. Tune in for entertaining celebrity stories and secret behind-the-scenes dirt straight from Hollywood.

Past guests include...

Joey Fatone ( from NSYNC)

Ed Asner (7 time Emmy Winner)

Brian Henson (Jim Henson Company)

Keith David (They Live)

Brannon Braga (Star Trek)

Mike Quinn (Nien Nunb from Star Wars)

Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks)

Britt Robertson (Girl Boss)

Drake Bell

Ciara Bravo (Big Time Rush) and many more...

Host: Stephen Kramer Glickman is best know as Gustavo Rocque on the hit Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush and for his work along side Jennifer Aniston and Andy Samberg in the Warner Brother Animated film "Storks" in which he played Pigeon Toady. Glickman has also appeared on Workaholics, Stuck in the Middle and can we seen the the upcoming Go90 anime series "Oishi Demon Hunter". Glickman is half jewish half gummy bear. @stephenglickman on Twitter and Instagram.

Head writer/ Producer: Matt Walker is a stand up comedian that has appeared on numerous radio and Internet shows such as Huffington Post Live discussing comedy, news of the day, pop culture, and sports. His jokes have been showcased in the Baltimore Sun, and he has been quoted and featured in articles on The Daily, Mediabistro’s Fishbowl LA, the CBC, and Examiner.com. In 2012, Matt Walker was named the winner of the Shorty Award for #comedian, recognizing him as the stand-up comedian that best uses social media. He was subsequently mentioned in many mainstream press outlets, including CBS News. Matt is an asshole and a fact checker who ruins peoples days on a regular basis. @funnymatt on Twitter and Instagram.

Mascot: Robbie Carlysle is a bag of Cheetos come to life. @RobbieCarlysle on Twitter and Instagram.

Announcer: Mike Black is a stand up comedian and paid regular at the world famous Comedy Store in hollywood. He is regular guest on Jedi Alliance, The Andrew Dewitt Show and Fullcharge Power Hour. He is a well know cosplay comedian and knows more about action figures than anyone you have ever met! @Mikeblackattack on Twitter and Instagram.

Guest Announcer: Mike Glazer puts the ill in chill, the lax in relax and the smooth in smoothie. Glazer is best know for his work on Buzzfeed's High Guys, Night of Too Many Stars and his show Glazed! @glazerboohoohoo on Twitter and Instagram.

Art Director: The artwork on this Threadless shop is created by Mario Delgado, the owner of Moth and Dagger Tattoo Shop in San Francisco, CA. You can find him on twitter @mothanddagger and on Instagram @mariod1979.

This shop allows you to get some cool swag to show off how much you love the show!